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Are Fairies Real?
Many people have asked, "Are fairies real? Do they really exist?” What you should be asking is if humans are real and if we exist. Fairies did not believe that humans existed for a very long time...... Continue reading →

5 Famous Fairy Books
Reading about fairies is a lot of fun for all ages. Here are 5 famous fairy books that you might enjoy. 1. Fairies and the Quest for Never Land This book is infused with both feeling and magic...... Continue reading →

10 Fairy Songs
Listening to fairy music when you're playing with your fairy online can be a lot of fun. Fairies are very beautiful, delicate plus magical and so is the music...... Continue reading →

Four Fairy Tale Movies with Fairies in Them
Fairy tales really do have such a very long lasting special appeal and many of us find that they help to satisfy a part of us that loves the once upon a time stories and other stores that might end in happily ever after...... Continue reading →

Five Beginner Fairy Garden Tips
The fairy garden can bring about smiles to both the old and the young. It does take a lot of imagination to create a garden that the younger children will love...... Continue reading →

How To Make Your Fairies Happy
Fairies will stick around your home tending to your gardens; the fruits, flowers and even the vegetables. They love to go about fixing things and they even like to clean...... Continue reading →

Fairies Favorite Transportation
Sure, fairies have wings, they can fly around anywhere they want to. But sometimes fairies can't fly, like when it is raining or when they are injured...... Continue reading →

A Selkie Husband
Rebecca was a nurse in WW II. She had worked hard with the Red Cross to care for the young men taken to the Hospital where she was stationed by the Welsh coast of England...... Continue reading →

Chance Meeting Part Two
Old Bertie settled back and asked for another pint of beer. Talking was thirsty work. He tapped out his pipe and refilled it with a fresh bowl while he waited for the waitress to bring his beer over...... Continue reading →

A Brownies Life Part Two
Maude wandered about the farm for the rest of the day, liking more and what she saw. The only sadness there was in the couple that tended this farm was a lack of children...... Continue reading →

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