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Forest Fairy Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Fairies are always popular so if you want to be a fairy for Halloween why not do something different and become a forest fairy. This tutorial will show you exactly what you need to do in order to become a forest fairy and on the video’s description it will show you what type of makeup was used in the video...... Continue reading →

How to face paint a flower fairy princess face painting ideas with glitter
Face painting a flower fairy princess is a lot of fun. You can be the sweet fairy princess or the evil fairy princess but with this pretty face it's hard to imagine that you would be evil but you never know - right? Watch the video below and learn how to face paint a flower fairy princess face painting ideas with glitter...... Continue reading →

Cinderella The Animated Cartoon Fairy Story
Ah, Cinderella. One of my most beloved fairy tale stories of all times. Cinderella was such a beautiful girl but she had two step sisters that were so ugly...... Continue reading →

Seeing A Fairy Can Really Happen
Sometimes adults have problems believing in fairies until they actually see them. When adults see fairies they often times are shocked or either might believe that it wasn't really there and that they might have just been seeing things...... Continue reading →

How To Make A Fairy Tutu
Making a fairy tutu is a lot of fun. You can wear a fairy tutu on Halloween or even just for dress up. When you are measuring your child's waist be sure that you write it down first so that way you won't forget...... Continue reading →

How To Become a Flower Fairy
In this video tutorial you will learn how to become a flower fairy. Via the YouTube notes here are the cosmetics that you will need: 4 color eyecream:MITSUYOSHI clown color assout 2 Eyebrow plastic:KRYOLAN eyebrow plastic Concealer:MITSUYASHI GREASE PAINT 27/madium Color palettes:BEAUTIES FACTORY 120 complete color palettes eye shadow Gold eye shadow:MIU M652 Eyeliner:SHISEIDO FF planetariumeyes Black eyecream:MITSUYOSHI lining color 1 Cheek:SHU UEMURA lust SORA eyecolor 12 Mascara:DAISO beauty cosme mascara lipcolor:SORA eyecolor 12 Gloss:DAISO prinsess lip gloss 12 You can buy all of these cosmetics online like on Amazon and eBay...... Continue reading →

How To Become a Beautiful Enchanting Fairy
Have you ever imagined yourself as a beautiful and enchanting fairy? Now, you can become the enchanting fairy of your dreams. Let story time become even more magical and go on a journey that is full of magical and enchanting surprises...... Continue reading →

Fairy Finger Puppets
Children often times hear fairy tales from grandparents, parents, babysitters, teachers and siblings. These days you can even watch a fairy tale online...... Continue reading →

How to fly with your Flitter Fairy
Have you ever wanted to fly with a fairy before? Flying with a fairy is so much fun and now, thanks to the three fairy sisters Eva, Daria and Alexa you can fly with them...... Continue reading →

Halloween Fairy Makeup Tutorials and Ideas
Have you ever wanted to look like a princess fairy at Halloween? What about wanting to look like a dark fairy? You'll be surprised at all of the cool fairy tutorials that you can find when you look online...... Continue reading →

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