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How To Put On Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas Makeup
Christmas is a magical time and even more so for fairies. Here is a video that shows you how to put on sugar plum fairy Christmas makeup. Make sure that you review the notes and links at the bottom of the video if you would like to buy the products that she is using...... Continue reading →

A Real Fairy In A Fairy House
Making a fairy house in the backyard is a wonderful way to catch a real fairy. If you have ever wanted to see a real fairy then try making a house for them in your own backyard...... Continue reading →

A Real Fairy Caught On A Security Camera
A video security camera caught a real fairy on tape. If you pay close attention then around 1:17 you will be able to see the fairy in action...... Continue reading →

Fairy Glow Jars
These fairy glow jars can be a lot of fun. It can be great to have this type of jar around for when you're telling fairy stories or you might even want to put them out in your fairy garden...... Continue reading →

Fairies Witches and Magic a land of enchantment fairy poem
You're in for a treat. Watch the video below and read a fairy poem while listening to some beautiful music in the background that's by Enya. The video graphics are also stunning...... Continue reading →

Fairy Art Painting Demonstration Tutorial By Artist Selina Fenech
Artist Selina Fenech is a wonderful fairy artist and here is a video of a fairy art painting demonstration. If you have never heard of Artist Selina Fenech then you are in for a treat because her artwork is inspiring and just beautiful...... Continue reading →

Fairies caught on tape
There are some people that will never believe in fairies even if they see them on tape. If you have ever wondered what fairies really look like then look at this tape below...... Continue reading →

How to Make Recycled Fairy Wings
There are many ways that you can make fairy wings but if you would like something that is cheap and fun then try making recycled fairy wings...... Continue reading →

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
I've always enjoyed Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. If you have never listened to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy then you are in for a treat because it's really beautiful...... Continue reading →

How To Make Fairy Wings
Want to learn how to make Fairy Wings? Making fairy wings is so much fun! They are also very easy to make and fun to make when you have a sleep over with your friends...... Continue reading →

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