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Tips On Making Fairy Wishes
A wish can be very magical but before you decide to make a fairy wish there are a few things that you should remember. 1. Always make sure that you believe in fairies and that you have faith...... Continue reading →

Song Magical Tales I Am A Fairy
Sometimes it might be hard working in the fairy garden or getting your chores done. Turn up this song and experience the magic of a fairy and just remember that you can do it...... Continue reading →

Believe In Fairies
One day a little girl named Kate was having her birthday party. She just had turned ten years old. A boy at her party made fun of her fairy garden and said that he did not believe in fairies...... Continue reading →

How To Stencil Pixie Fairy Tinkerbell Dust On The Wall
Have you ever wanted to have pixie dust in your bedroom? Here is a wonderful tutorial that will show you how to stencil pixie fairy Tinkerbell dust on the wall...... Continue reading →

4 Tools That You Should Keep Near Your Fairy Garden
If you have a fairy garden then you should always keep these tools around because you never know when one of the tools might come in handy. Here are four items that can be found cheap at the store but something that would help stir up even more magic in your garden...... Continue reading →

Rumpelstiltskin Fairy Tale Bedtime Story
Rumpelstiltskin is a classic fairy tale and it's a perfect story to read right before bed or either watch online. Below is the wonderful tale of Rumpelstiltskin Fairy Tale Bedtime Story...... Continue reading →

A Special New Years Wish
A beautiful fairy named Rose noticed a girl crying by the window. The fairy flew next to the window and heard the girl praying "God, for this new year I would love to be a good girl"...... Continue reading →

Have A Magical Fairy Year In 2013
The year 2012 is ending. Hopefully it was a magical year but if not then 2013 might just be. Never stop believing in fairies even if you haven't been able to see one yet because you never know when they just might appear...... Continue reading →

Fairy Bells Christmas Song
Have you ever heard of a fairy Christmas song before? If you have not then you're in for a treat. Listen to the Christmas Fairy Song called Fairy Bells and watch The Fairies dance to it...... Continue reading →

How To Become A Christmas Fairy Angel Makeup Tutorial
Would you like to be a Christmas Fairy or a Christmas Angel? What about both? This video shows you how to put on Christmas Fairy Angel Makeup and then you can decide as to what one you would like to be on Christmas...... Continue reading →

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