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Believe In Yourself
I tried so hard to understand as to why I was not like the other girls in my class. Everyone else seemed to be so smart and have friends. I did not have any friends and I always had trouble keeping up with my grades...... Continue reading →

How To Do Fairy Nail Art With Dandelions
If you love to do your nails one thing that you might consider is to turn your nails into fairy art. Here's a tutorial on fairy nail art with dandelions...... Continue reading →

Fairy Dust How To Make A Glass Bottle Charm Tutorial
Fairy dust is so important to the realm of fairies. One example is Tinker bell because she uses fairy dust so she can fly. Other times fairy dust can be used to help with healing wounds, making plants grow, fairy dust can protect areas that might be special to you and much more...... Continue reading →

Top 5 Fairy Crafts
Looking for some fairy craft ideas? Here are 5 fairy crafts that you can easily do but some of these fairy crafts you still might need a grownup there to help you...... Continue reading →

Snowflake Fairy Makeup Tutorial
Become a snowflake fairy during the holidays or throughout the winter. Maybe you're tired of summer and wishing for the cold again. Here's a makeup tutorial on how to be a snowflake fairy...... Continue reading →

Frame Fairy Mounting Your Artwork
Have you painted a beautiful fairy picture and would like to mount it but unsure how? Mounting can be tricky so here's a video that will show you how to mount your fairy artwork...... Continue reading →

How to Paint Fairies on Canvas
Painting fairies is a lot of fun and if you have ever wondered about how to paint fairies on canvas then this video is for you. Learn how to paint fairies on canvas and impress your friends with the painting...... Continue reading →

How To Become A Fairy Winter Butterfly Makeup Tutorial
Become a beautiful fairy butterfly in the winter. When it's cold and you find yourself being shut inside from the weather and you're wanting to have some fun with the fairies this might inspire you...... Continue reading →

Bubble Gum Barbie Makeup Tutorial Pink Glitter Fairy Princess
Learn how to look like a beautiful pink glitter fairy princess with this Bubble Gum Barbie Makeup Tutorial. This is great for Halloween and throughout the year...... Continue reading →

5 popular fairy names
Wondering what to name your special fairy? The fairy generator can help you with picking out a name. Here are the 5 most popular fairy names...... Continue reading →

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