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Spring Fairy Ballet Solo
Watch this amazing 9 year old do a ballet solo of the Spring Fairy. Maybe you and your friends can also do a Spring fairy ballet solo together...... Continue reading →

Soft Pastel Spring Fairy Makeup Tutorial
If you are looking for a soft pastel fairy look this spring then you are in for a treat. Pastel and a fairy look what a wonderful combo together...... Continue reading →

Fairy Dew Drops Spring Makeup Tutorial
The fairy dew drops was a spring look for 2012 but it also is in for the year 2013. If you want something fun and cute plus pretty and very sparkly then this makeup tutorial of Fairy Dew Drops Spring 2012 might be exactly what you need...... Continue reading →

Midnight Forest Fairy Makeup Tutorial Night
Going to a midnight party and would like to look magical or do you just want to look magical with your friends? Here is a wonderful midnight forest fairy makeup tutorial that you can do...... Continue reading →

Fairy Hair Style Tutorial For Long Hair
If you have long hair and you are looking for a fairy hair style look then this hair style might just be perfect for you. It's very easy to do and it's a style that you can use year round which makes it even more fun...... Continue reading →

Blue Black Fairy Eye Makeup
Make your eyes look incredible with watching this blue black fairy eye makeup. You'll impress your friends when you show up with having blue and black fairy eye makeup on...... Continue reading →

Fairy Nail Art Tutorial
If you love fairies and would like to learn some more ways to have fairies on your nails then watch this fairy nail art tutorial. You might need some help doing this...... Continue reading →

Fairy Shaylee Found A Lost Dog
One day fairy Shaylee was out doing her fairy shopping. She needed some fairy food and a few other things. When she was out doing her shopping she ran into a dog that looked lost and scared...... Continue reading →

The Mirror Short Scary Fairy Tale Story
Often times we just think of fairy tales having happy endings and we don't think of them as being scary at all. Listen to the video below and be blown away by this short scary fairy tale called The Mirror...... Continue reading →

Disney Tinkerbell Makeup Tutorial
Have a fun Tinkerbell afternoon with your friends and dress up as Tinkerbell. You can watch this great tutorial and you can learn how to look exactly like Tinkerbell...... Continue reading →

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