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Top 5 Famous Fairy Tales
Here are the top 5 famous fairy tales that you might enjoy watching online with your friends. 1. Cinderella 2. Little Red Riding Hood 3...... Continue reading →

Sophia Grace and Rosie See Fairies
Sophia Grace and Rosie have a lot of magical adventures and they have so many magical adventures that they even appeared on the Ellen show. Listen to how they talk about fairies and how they get into the magical kingdom...... Continue reading →

Rie Elise Larsen Lucky Lollipop Fairy
Would you like to have a lucky fairy? Be inspired by Rie Elise Larsen Lucky Lollipop Fairy and see what you can come up with to have that lucky fairy...... Continue reading →

Spring Time Fairy Makeup Tutorial
I love it when warmer weather comes around. There are lots of things that you can do outside. If you would like to become a fairy in the spring and unsure as to what makeup you should put on to accomplish this task then this spring time fairy makeup tutorial should help you out...... Continue reading →

Green Fairy Newspaper Nails
In the mood for something unique with your nails? What about having green fairy newspaper nails. Doing these nails does take a few minutes. Before you do them there will be some things that you need to get...... Continue reading →

Decor Ideas For Your Fairy Tale Story
Writing a fairy tale can be hard work sometimes. If you are stuck or would like to write a fairy tale then maybe these decor ideas can help inspire you with your story...... Continue reading →

Glitter and Ice Butterfly Fairy MakeUp Tutorial
Do you love glitter and fairies plus butterflies? Why not combine the three together? In this tutorial you'll learn how to become a glitter and ice butterfly...... Continue reading →

Fairy Make Up Tutorial Green And Purple
Green and purple look great together if you are needing a fairy look. You can use this type of combination throughout the year. It doesn't even matter if you don't have a costume...... Continue reading →

Absinthe The Legend of the Green Fairy
In the Degusta trade show that was located in Barcelona, Spain the Legend of the Green Fairy was reproduced again. The history behind the green fairy was almost forgotten about until this happened...... Continue reading →

How To Make A Fairy Jar
Do you need something fun to do with your friends? What about making a fairy jar? You will find that making a fairy jar is a lot of fun and easy to do...... Continue reading →

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