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How To Find Fairies In Your Pictures
If you are having trouble with being able to find fairies, nature spirits, elves, gnomes, pixies and even trolls in your pictures then here is a video that will go in depth as to how you can spot them in pictures...... Continue reading →

How To Make A Beautiful Fairy Braid
A fairy braid is beautiful and something that you can wear throughout the year. You can wear this type of braid and impress with your friends with it...... Continue reading →

The Butterfly Fairy Make Up Look
One look that is very common is the butterfly makeup look. Fairies tend to change their colors just like butterflies do depending on the season...... Continue reading →

Foundation and Concealer Fairy Makeup Tip
When you are trying out a fairy makeup tutorial make sure that the foundation and concealer that you have still matches your skin color. There are lots of various foundations and concealers available and if you are unsure then you might want to ask one of your friends that might be an expert in this area...... Continue reading →

How To Build A Fairy House
If you would like to build a fairy house then hopefully this video will help you. When you have a fairy house you will be surprised at all of the good fortune might come to your fairy garden...... Continue reading →

How To Make Fairy Glow Jars
If you are wanting something fun to do then you should look into making fairy glow jars. This activity requires adult supervision but it is loads of fun and something that you can do with your friends...... Continue reading →

How To Make A Fairy Cupcake
If you are having a birthday party or maybe just a few friends over one thing that you might want to have there is fairy cupcakes. Making these fairy cupcakes will require adult supervision and help...... Continue reading →

How To Have Fun After Reading The Fairy Story
Reading a fairy story is a lot of fun but the fun does not have to stop there! You should continue the fun even after you are done reading. This is what you do to help with making the fairy magic go on...... Continue reading →

How To Make A Fruit Fairy Wand
Having a fairy birthday party or even just having a fairy party can be loads of fun. When you have a fruit fairy wand at your party it can also help give your party a special magic yummy touch...... Continue reading →

How to make a balloon fairy tutorial
In this video you will learn how to make a ballon fairy and impress your friends when you give them a ballon fairy. You might need someone to help you with gathering up the supplies...... Continue reading →

Top 5 Famous Fairy Tales
Here are the top 5 famous fairy tales that you might enjoy watching online with your friends. 1. Cinderella 2. Little Red Riding Hood 3...... Continue reading →

Sophia Grace and Rosie See Fairies
Sophia Grace and Rosie have a lot of magical adventures and they have so many magical adventures that they even appeared on the Ellen show. Listen to how they talk about fairies and how they get into the magical kingdom...... Continue reading →

Rie Elise Larsen Lucky Lollipop Fairy
Would you like to have a lucky fairy? Be inspired by Rie Elise Larsen Lucky Lollipop Fairy and see what you can come up with to have that lucky fairy...... Continue reading →

Spring Time Fairy Makeup Tutorial
I love it when warmer weather comes around. There are lots of things that you can do outside. If you would like to become a fairy in the spring and unsure as to what makeup you should put on to accomplish this task then this spring time fairy makeup tutorial should help you out...... Continue reading →

Green Fairy Newspaper Nails
In the mood for something unique with your nails? What about having green fairy newspaper nails. Doing these nails does take a few minutes. Before you do them there will be some things that you need to get...... Continue reading →

Decor Ideas For Your Fairy Tale Story
Writing a fairy tale can be hard work sometimes. If you are stuck or would like to write a fairy tale then maybe these decor ideas can help inspire you with your story...... Continue reading →

Glitter and Ice Butterfly Fairy MakeUp Tutorial
Do you love glitter and fairies plus butterflies? Why not combine the three together? In this tutorial you'll learn how to become a glitter and ice butterfly...... Continue reading →

Fairy Make Up Tutorial Green And Purple
Green and purple look great together if you are needing a fairy look. You can use this type of combination throughout the year. It doesn't even matter if you don't have a costume...... Continue reading →

Absinthe The Legend of the Green Fairy
In the Degusta trade show that was located in Barcelona, Spain the Legend of the Green Fairy was reproduced again. The history behind the green fairy was almost forgotten about until this happened...... Continue reading →

How To Make A Fairy Jar
Do you need something fun to do with your friends? What about making a fairy jar? You will find that making a fairy jar is a lot of fun and easy to do...... Continue reading →

Spring Fairy Ballet Solo
Watch this amazing 9 year old do a ballet solo of the Spring Fairy. Maybe you and your friends can also do a Spring fairy ballet solo together...... Continue reading →

Soft Pastel Spring Fairy Makeup Tutorial
If you are looking for a soft pastel fairy look this spring then you are in for a treat. Pastel and a fairy look what a wonderful combo together...... Continue reading →

Fairy Dew Drops Spring Makeup Tutorial
The fairy dew drops was a spring look for 2012 but it also is in for the year 2013. If you want something fun and cute plus pretty and very sparkly then this makeup tutorial of Fairy Dew Drops Spring 2012 might be exactly what you need...... Continue reading →

Midnight Forest Fairy Makeup Tutorial Night
Going to a midnight party and would like to look magical or do you just want to look magical with your friends? Here is a wonderful midnight forest fairy makeup tutorial that you can do...... Continue reading →

Fairy Hair Style Tutorial For Long Hair
If you have long hair and you are looking for a fairy hair style look then this hair style might just be perfect for you. It's very easy to do and it's a style that you can use year round which makes it even more fun...... Continue reading →

Blue Black Fairy Eye Makeup
Make your eyes look incredible with watching this blue black fairy eye makeup. You'll impress your friends when you show up with having blue and black fairy eye makeup on...... Continue reading →

Fairy Nail Art Tutorial
If you love fairies and would like to learn some more ways to have fairies on your nails then watch this fairy nail art tutorial. You might need some help doing this...... Continue reading →

Fairy Shaylee Found A Lost Dog
One day fairy Shaylee was out doing her fairy shopping. She needed some fairy food and a few other things. When she was out doing her shopping she ran into a dog that looked lost and scared...... Continue reading →

The Mirror Short Scary Fairy Tale Story
Often times we just think of fairy tales having happy endings and we don't think of them as being scary at all. Listen to the video below and be blown away by this short scary fairy tale called The Mirror...... Continue reading →

Disney Tinkerbell Makeup Tutorial
Have a fun Tinkerbell afternoon with your friends and dress up as Tinkerbell. You can watch this great tutorial and you can learn how to look exactly like Tinkerbell...... Continue reading →

Fairy Spring Makeup Tutorial
If you want to look like a fairy this spring then watch this fairy spring makeup tutorial and learn exactly how you can look like a beautiful spring fairy...... Continue reading →

What Do Fairies Eat?
One thing that you should know about fairies is that they do not eat meat. Humans also cannot eat fairy food because they are prohibited from eating it...... Continue reading →

How To Make Recycled Fairy Wings
If you are looking for ways to help out the environment then you can make recycled fairy wings. There are many other things that you can do to such as making a recycled fairy crown and a recycled fairy wand...... Continue reading →

How To Make A Fairy Birthday Party Flower Crown
A fairy party is a lot of fun for both young and old. One way to have some fun is with giving them a flower crown to wear at the fairy party...... Continue reading →

How To Make A Green Fairy Paper Dress
You can create a beautiful green fairy paper dress and use it for card decorations or for many other things. You would be amazed at how easy it is to make this green fairy paper dress...... Continue reading →

How To Put On Glittery Fairy Makeup
Wearing glitter fairy makeup is a lot of fun and it is very easy to do. If you love glitter then this might be something that you should consider doing...... Continue reading →

5 Tips On How To Write a Fairy Tale
Writing a fairy tale can be a lot of fun. A lot of fairy tales end up becoming classics like Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. When you use your imagination there is no telling what all might happen and the fairytale that you write could end up becoming a classic one day...... Continue reading →

How to Make a DIY Fairy Bangle
A fairy bangle is cute and can be worn throughout the year. This is a fun project that you can do together with your friends with adult supervision...... Continue reading →

How to draw a Fairy Tale Princess
Drawing a fantasy tale princess is very easy. If you would like to learn How to draw a Fairy Tale Princess then hopefully this tutorial can help you with learning how...... Continue reading →

Dark Ice Fairy Hair Do Tutorial
If you are dressing up as a fairy then don't forget about your hair! Here's a great dark ice fairy hair do tutorial that can help you with creating a great dark fairy look for your hair...... Continue reading →

Believe In Yourself
I tried so hard to understand as to why I was not like the other girls in my class. Everyone else seemed to be so smart and have friends. I did not have any friends and I always had trouble keeping up with my grades...... Continue reading →

How To Do Fairy Nail Art With Dandelions
If you love to do your nails one thing that you might consider is to turn your nails into fairy art. Here's a tutorial on fairy nail art with dandelions...... Continue reading →

Fairy Dust How To Make A Glass Bottle Charm Tutorial
Fairy dust is so important to the realm of fairies. One example is Tinker bell because she uses fairy dust so she can fly. Other times fairy dust can be used to help with healing wounds, making plants grow, fairy dust can protect areas that might be special to you and much more...... Continue reading →

Top 5 Fairy Crafts
Looking for some fairy craft ideas? Here are 5 fairy crafts that you can easily do but some of these fairy crafts you still might need a grownup there to help you...... Continue reading →

Snowflake Fairy Makeup Tutorial
Become a snowflake fairy during the holidays or throughout the winter. Maybe you're tired of summer and wishing for the cold again. Here's a makeup tutorial on how to be a snowflake fairy...... Continue reading →

Frame Fairy Mounting Your Artwork
Have you painted a beautiful fairy picture and would like to mount it but unsure how? Mounting can be tricky so here's a video that will show you how to mount your fairy artwork...... Continue reading →

How to Paint Fairies on Canvas
Painting fairies is a lot of fun and if you have ever wondered about how to paint fairies on canvas then this video is for you. Learn how to paint fairies on canvas and impress your friends with the painting...... Continue reading →

How To Become A Fairy Winter Butterfly Makeup Tutorial
Become a beautiful fairy butterfly in the winter. When it's cold and you find yourself being shut inside from the weather and you're wanting to have some fun with the fairies this might inspire you...... Continue reading →

Bubble Gum Barbie Makeup Tutorial Pink Glitter Fairy Princess
Learn how to look like a beautiful pink glitter fairy princess with this Bubble Gum Barbie Makeup Tutorial. This is great for Halloween and throughout the year...... Continue reading →

5 popular fairy names
Wondering what to name your special fairy? The fairy generator can help you with picking out a name. Here are the 5 most popular fairy names...... Continue reading →

Tips On Making Fairy Wishes
A wish can be very magical but before you decide to make a fairy wish there are a few things that you should remember. 1. Always make sure that you believe in fairies and that you have faith...... Continue reading →

Song Magical Tales I Am A Fairy
Sometimes it might be hard working in the fairy garden or getting your chores done. Turn up this song and experience the magic of a fairy and just remember that you can do it...... Continue reading →

Believe In Fairies
One day a little girl named Kate was having her birthday party. She just had turned ten years old. A boy at her party made fun of her fairy garden and said that he did not believe in fairies...... Continue reading →

How To Stencil Pixie Fairy Tinkerbell Dust On The Wall
Have you ever wanted to have pixie dust in your bedroom? Here is a wonderful tutorial that will show you how to stencil pixie fairy Tinkerbell dust on the wall...... Continue reading →

4 Tools That You Should Keep Near Your Fairy Garden
If you have a fairy garden then you should always keep these tools around because you never know when one of the tools might come in handy. Here are four items that can be found cheap at the store but something that would help stir up even more magic in your garden...... Continue reading →

Rumpelstiltskin Fairy Tale Bedtime Story
Rumpelstiltskin is a classic fairy tale and it's a perfect story to read right before bed or either watch online. Below is the wonderful tale of Rumpelstiltskin Fairy Tale Bedtime Story...... Continue reading →

A Special New Years Wish
A beautiful fairy named Rose noticed a girl crying by the window. The fairy flew next to the window and heard the girl praying "God, for this new year I would love to be a good girl"...... Continue reading →

Have A Magical Fairy Year In 2013
The year 2012 is ending. Hopefully it was a magical year but if not then 2013 might just be. Never stop believing in fairies even if you haven't been able to see one yet because you never know when they just might appear...... Continue reading →

Fairy Bells Christmas Song
Have you ever heard of a fairy Christmas song before? If you have not then you're in for a treat. Listen to the Christmas Fairy Song called Fairy Bells and watch The Fairies dance to it...... Continue reading →

How To Become A Christmas Fairy Angel Makeup Tutorial
Would you like to be a Christmas Fairy or a Christmas Angel? What about both? This video shows you how to put on Christmas Fairy Angel Makeup and then you can decide as to what one you would like to be on Christmas...... Continue reading →

How To Put On Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas Makeup
Christmas is a magical time and even more so for fairies. Here is a video that shows you how to put on sugar plum fairy Christmas makeup. Make sure that you review the notes and links at the bottom of the video if you would like to buy the products that she is using...... Continue reading →

A Real Fairy In A Fairy House
Making a fairy house in the backyard is a wonderful way to catch a real fairy. If you have ever wanted to see a real fairy then try making a house for them in your own backyard...... Continue reading →

A Real Fairy Caught On A Security Camera
A video security camera caught a real fairy on tape. If you pay close attention then around 1:17 you will be able to see the fairy in action...... Continue reading →

Fairy Glow Jars
These fairy glow jars can be a lot of fun. It can be great to have this type of jar around for when you're telling fairy stories or you might even want to put them out in your fairy garden...... Continue reading →

Fairies Witches and Magic a land of enchantment fairy poem
You're in for a treat. Watch the video below and read a fairy poem while listening to some beautiful music in the background that's by Enya. The video graphics are also stunning...... Continue reading →

Fairy Art Painting Demonstration Tutorial By Artist Selina Fenech
Artist Selina Fenech is a wonderful fairy artist and here is a video of a fairy art painting demonstration. If you have never heard of Artist Selina Fenech then you are in for a treat because her artwork is inspiring and just beautiful...... Continue reading →

Fairies caught on tape
There are some people that will never believe in fairies even if they see them on tape. If you have ever wondered what fairies really look like then look at this tape below...... Continue reading →

How to Make Recycled Fairy Wings
There are many ways that you can make fairy wings but if you would like something that is cheap and fun then try making recycled fairy wings...... Continue reading →

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
I've always enjoyed Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. If you have never listened to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy then you are in for a treat because it's really beautiful...... Continue reading →

How To Make Fairy Wings
Want to learn how to make Fairy Wings? Making fairy wings is so much fun! They are also very easy to make and fun to make when you have a sleep over with your friends...... Continue reading →

Forest Fairy Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Fairies are always popular so if you want to be a fairy for Halloween why not do something different and become a forest fairy. This tutorial will show you exactly what you need to do in order to become a forest fairy and on the video’s description it will show you what type of makeup was used in the video...... Continue reading →

How to face paint a flower fairy princess face painting ideas with glitter
Face painting a flower fairy princess is a lot of fun. You can be the sweet fairy princess or the evil fairy princess but with this pretty face it's hard to imagine that you would be evil but you never know - right? Watch the video below and learn how to face paint a flower fairy princess face painting ideas with glitter...... Continue reading →

Cinderella The Animated Cartoon Fairy Story
Ah, Cinderella. One of my most beloved fairy tale stories of all times. Cinderella was such a beautiful girl but she had two step sisters that were so ugly...... Continue reading →

Seeing A Fairy Can Really Happen
Sometimes adults have problems believing in fairies until they actually see them. When adults see fairies they often times are shocked or either might believe that it wasn't really there and that they might have just been seeing things...... Continue reading →

How To Make A Fairy Tutu
Making a fairy tutu is a lot of fun. You can wear a fairy tutu on Halloween or even just for dress up. When you are measuring your child's waist be sure that you write it down first so that way you won't forget...... Continue reading →

How To Become a Flower Fairy
In this video tutorial you will learn how to become a flower fairy. Via the YouTube notes here are the cosmetics that you will need: 4 color eyecream:MITSUYOSHI clown color assout 2 Eyebrow plastic:KRYOLAN eyebrow plastic Concealer:MITSUYASHI GREASE PAINT 27/madium Color palettes:BEAUTIES FACTORY 120 complete color palettes eye shadow Gold eye shadow:MIU M652 Eyeliner:SHISEIDO FF planetariumeyes Black eyecream:MITSUYOSHI lining color 1 Cheek:SHU UEMURA lust SORA eyecolor 12 Mascara:DAISO beauty cosme mascara lipcolor:SORA eyecolor 12 Gloss:DAISO prinsess lip gloss 12 You can buy all of these cosmetics online like on Amazon and eBay...... Continue reading →

How To Become a Beautiful Enchanting Fairy
Have you ever imagined yourself as a beautiful and enchanting fairy? Now, you can become the enchanting fairy of your dreams. Let story time become even more magical and go on a journey that is full of magical and enchanting surprises...... Continue reading →

Fairy Finger Puppets
Children often times hear fairy tales from grandparents, parents, babysitters, teachers and siblings. These days you can even watch a fairy tale online...... Continue reading →

How to fly with your Flitter Fairy
Have you ever wanted to fly with a fairy before? Flying with a fairy is so much fun and now, thanks to the three fairy sisters Eva, Daria and Alexa you can fly with them...... Continue reading →

Halloween Fairy Makeup Tutorials and Ideas
Have you ever wanted to look like a princess fairy at Halloween? What about wanting to look like a dark fairy? You'll be surprised at all of the cool fairy tutorials that you can find when you look online...... Continue reading →

Are Fairies Real?
Many people have asked, "Are fairies real? Do they really exist?” What you should be asking is if humans are real and if we exist. Fairies did not believe that humans existed for a very long time...... Continue reading →

5 Famous Fairy Books
Reading about fairies is a lot of fun for all ages. Here are 5 famous fairy books that you might enjoy. 1. Fairies and the Quest for Never Land This book is infused with both feeling and magic...... Continue reading →

10 Fairy Songs
Listening to fairy music when you're playing with your fairy online can be a lot of fun. Fairies are very beautiful, delicate plus magical and so is the music...... Continue reading →

Four Fairy Tale Movies with Fairies in Them
Fairy tales really do have such a very long lasting special appeal and many of us find that they help to satisfy a part of us that loves the once upon a time stories and other stores that might end in happily ever after...... Continue reading →

Five Beginner Fairy Garden Tips
The fairy garden can bring about smiles to both the old and the young. It does take a lot of imagination to create a garden that the younger children will love...... Continue reading →

How To Make Your Fairies Happy
Fairies will stick around your home tending to your gardens; the fruits, flowers and even the vegetables. They love to go about fixing things and they even like to clean...... Continue reading →

Fairies Favorite Transportation
Sure, fairies have wings, they can fly around anywhere they want to. But sometimes fairies can't fly, like when it is raining or when they are injured...... Continue reading →

A Selkie Husband
Rebecca was a nurse in WW II. She had worked hard with the Red Cross to care for the young men taken to the Hospital where she was stationed by the Welsh coast of England...... Continue reading →

Chance Meeting Part Two
Old Bertie settled back and asked for another pint of beer. Talking was thirsty work. He tapped out his pipe and refilled it with a fresh bowl while he waited for the waitress to bring his beer over...... Continue reading →

A Brownies Life Part Two
Maude wandered about the farm for the rest of the day, liking more and what she saw. The only sadness there was in the couple that tended this farm was a lack of children...... Continue reading →

Book Review The Iron Tower Trilogy
As many books of high fantasy with Elves, Dwarves and smaller races of humanoids (in this case, called Warrows), this book seems at first glance to be a sort homage to Tolkien...... Continue reading →

Book Review Lloyd Alexanders The Book of Three
Many years ago I came across an amazing author that still delights to this day. Lloyd Alexander has a delightful and lyrical writing style that captures the imagination and takes you along with him on a magical journey through a world very similar to ancient Ireland of legends...... Continue reading →

What Are Fairy Wings Made Of?
Fairies are delightful, if not mischievous, little creatures, and they tend to be very beautiful and somewhat delicate looking. They all have different wings, some clear, some colorful, some may even look like butterfly wings or dragonfly wings...... Continue reading →

The Purpose of Pixie Dust
Pixie dust is that sparkly stuff that fairies and pixies like to sprinkle on people and things. It looks much like the glitter we use in crafting, but pixie dust, unlike glitter, has special powers! The special powers of pixie dust depend on the intent of the pixie or fairy that is using it...... Continue reading →

Chance Meeting
Old Bertie sat back and smoked his pipe, looking at his friends. They were gathered around close, listening to one of Bertie's tales. His old voice still held a strong and lovely Irish lilt as he told the tale of Dylan and his chance meeting with one of the Fair Folk...... Continue reading →

A Brownies Life
Maude wanted a home. A special place to call her own. She was old enough to find some good family and settle down with them. After all, a Brownie needed a family to care for, or she might as well not even exist! She grumbled to herself as she sat in a particularly prickly patch of bushes near the road, hiding herself from all the Big Folk that wandered around during the day here...... Continue reading →

Movie Review Legend
There are two versions of Legend. There is the original theatrical version that we Americans saw in the theater with the Rock sound track. Then there is the one with the classical music score that has extended scenes...... Continue reading →

A Fairy Ring Part Three
Like a whirling dervish they spun about, creating patterns in the air like sparklers on the 4th of July. It was hypnotically beautiful. The young couple were mesmerized by their movements and magic...... Continue reading →

The Truth about Fairy Tales and Protection from Fairies
The Fairy Tales we are familiar with, that we grow up hearing as children, are not the original versions of the stories. Generally, Fairy Tales were horror stories designed to instruct, warn and strike fear into the listener...... Continue reading →

Recommended Reading
I have found that over the years I've lucked across a number of authors and stories that didn't make a big splash when they came out but are definitely worth reading...... Continue reading →

A Fairy Ring Part Two
The flitting pixies soon became aware of the humans within their midst. They flew up to the young couple and darted about, examining them from multiple angles...... Continue reading →

How to get your own Brownie
How to get your very own Brownie. Everyone wants to have their own personal domestic Fairy that makes their lives easier and warms the hearth and home...... Continue reading →

A Few Books to Share
Books Worth Reading I've probably read thousands of books over the years about Fairies, Elves, Pixies, Unicorns and other magical creatures...... Continue reading →

All About Gnomes
Gnomes, like fairies, are small creatures of nature that we hear about and read tales of from childhood on. But how do you tell the difference between all of these nature spirits, like fairies and pixies and gnomes? Who is who and what do they all do...... Continue reading →

Gnomes a book by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet
This is a must have book for anyone who has any interest in gnomes. It is written by Wil Huygen and beautifully illustrated by Rien Poortvliet...... Continue reading →

The Tooth Fairy
Growing up many of us were told that when we were to lose a tooth we were to put it underneath our pillow at night so that the tooth fairy could come and take it from us and leave a coin in its place...... Continue reading →

Do Fairies Really Exist?
For many the idea that fairies "could" exist is something that many of us would like to believe or at least imagine as a possibility. We typically picture fairies as human-like winged creatures that should be found in areas like forests and gardens...... Continue reading →

Disneys Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue
This is a tale about the first time fairies and humans met, starring Walt Disney's Tinkerbell, and many of her other fairy friends. Glittery wings, acorn hats, riding on birds, leaf skirts, flower dresses, and more grace the screen of this clever little story...... Continue reading →

Simple Halloween Fairy Costume Ideas
Want to be a fairy for Halloween or thinking of dressing one of your children up as one? Well, it really is not too hard to come up with some great ideas that you can piece together...... Continue reading →

Making Fairy Houses
I happened upon this lovely little book today, 'Fairy House Everywhere!' By Barry & Tracy Kane, that was published in 2006. It is full of wonderfully creative and fun ideas on how to make homes for fairies to live in, no matter where you live! It is full of beautiful pictures of fairy house made from all sorts of nature's gifts...... Continue reading →

Friends of The Fairies
The fairy world is not just inhabited by fairies. Other creatures, both good and bad, can be found flitting around in worlds in which our humans eyes may not be able to see...... Continue reading →

Inviting Fairies Into Your Garden
It has been believed, for centuries, that fairies help to tend our gardens. They chase the bugs away that are harmful to flowers, vegetables and other plants and they invite in the good bugs, like honey bees who make honey, which is one of the fairies favorite snacks...... Continue reading →

The Magical World of Flowers
The world of the flowers is an interesting place, where not only the many different types of plants and flowers live but also the fairies and gnomes that help them to grow...... Continue reading →

A Short History on Fairies
A brief history of Fairies. Stories of Fairies have been with us for thousands of years. They have been prevalent in nearly every culture, on nearly every continent...... Continue reading →


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